Developing unique and non-invasive blood tests for liver cancers and fibrosis-cirrhosis

Our technology could revolutionize care and treatment for people at risk due to chronic liver disease—both people with viral hepatitis (chronic hepatitis B and C infections) and the rapidly growing population with non-viral hepatitis due to obesity and metabolic disease.


Glycotest blood tests are being developed to provide information on the likelihood of serious liver disease like cancer or fibrosis-cirrhosis by employing technology designed to measure two kinds of disease signals:
• The amount of the monosaccharide fucose that appears abnormally on certain serum glycoproteins—to indicate likelihood of disease.
• The pattern of glycoproteins that is abnormally fucosylated—to monitor specific diseases like HCC, CCA or fibrosis-cirrhosis.

Novel Disease Signals

Proprietary biomarkers and assays based on glycoproteins with sugars that are abnormally altered in liver disease.

Non-invasive Blood Tests

Algorithm-driven biomarker panels that use standard blood samples to measure likelihood of liver disease.

Early Detection

Early detection of curable liver cancer and other liver diseases to improve patient outcomes.


• Exploits unique disease signal chemistry (glycoprotein fucosylation) present in liver cancers and fibrosis-cirrhosis but absent in healthy individualsIncorporated into highly promising biomarker panels

• Focused on the detection of potentially curable early-stage disease

• May outperform currently available serum biomarkers, such as AFP

• Targeting the worldwide liver cancer threat that kills more than 700,000 people annually and is the fastest growing cause of cancer death in the US


New York, NY—November 21, 2019.  Glycotest, Inc., a diagnostics company commercializing new and unique blood tests for life threatening liver cancers and…


A New Paradigm for Early Diagnosis and Surveillance For Liver Cancer

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