Intellectual Property—15 Issued Patents

  • HCC Panel patent application (PCT/US2017/018040 and Taiwan 106106107) 

o One of two most important Glycotest patent families—protects Glycotest HCC Panel test o Fresh application providing protection to 2037, including in China 

  • PCT/US2010/044307 

o Second of two most important Glycotest patent families—protects engineered lectins for fucosylated biomarker assays o Issued European (2462240) and Chinese (ZL201080044720.8) patents o Protection to 2030, including in China 

  • PCT/US2006/017478 

o Methods for diagnosing liver disease using fucosylated biomarkers o Issued US (7,776,550; 8,183,000; 10,082,512), Australian (2006244398; 2012247075; 2015275300), Japanese (5964769; 

6184935) and Canadian (2607285) patents and allowed European and Japanese patents o Protection to 2026 

  • US2009/0253180 

o Methods for diagnosing liver disease using fucosylated LRAGG o Issued US patents (9,110,078; 10,180,436) o Protection to 2028 

  • Trade Secrets 

o Fucosylated biomarker assay manufacturing technology o Fucosylated biomarker assay methods 


- Exploits unique disease signal chemistry (glycoprotein fucosylation) present in liver cancers and fibrosis-cirrhosis but absent in healthy individuals

- Incorporated into highly promising biomarker panels

- Focused on the detection of potentially curable early-stage disease

- May outperform currently available serum biomarkers, such as AFP

- Targeting the worldwide liver cancer threat that kills more than 700,000 people annually and is the fastest growing cause of cancer death in the US


A New Paradigm for Early Diagnosis and Surveillance For Liver Cancer


Glycotest blood tests are being developed to provide information on the likelihood of serious liver disease like cancer or fibrosis-cirrhosis by employing technology designed to measure two kinds of disease signals:

» The amount of the monosaccharide fucose that appears abnormally on certain serum glycoproteins—to indicate likelihood of disease.

» The pattern of glycoproteins that is abnormally fucosylated—to monitor specific diseases like HCC, CCA or fibrosis-cirrhosis.

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